What is AIDA and How Can it Help with Your Sales and Marketing Content?

AIDA is a go-to for many companies providing marketing copywriting services. You’ll find it on sales pages, ads, and email newsletters. The reason is it’s designed to grab a viewer’s attention and guide them through your content to the point where they act – helping you increase leads, subscriptions, and ultimately, leads.  So, let’s start from the beginning.


Marketing copywriters will tell you that AIDA is powerless without visibility. It needs to stand out and hold a viewer’s interest. This doesn’t happen by chance, but instead needs forethought and strategy. A catchy headline needs to be magnetic to its intended audience, well-placed, bold and self-explanatory. The viewer must know from the get-go what this link promises and what benefits lie ahead. Attention can be snared with a well-crafted headline and good use of visual content marketing.


Once the viewer has decided to click on the link or video it’s essential that their interest is maintained. This can be ensured by sharing fresh information that engages with the reader (your target audience). Those providing marketing copywriting services will look to avoid boring the viewer with pages of heavy text. Keep it light and easy to read, with snappy sub-heads and fresh imagery.


Let’s assume you have the viewer’s complete and full attention. Now, the ad must create desire. Marketing copywriters know that it must become so engaging that the offer presented to them is simply irresistible. Testimonials and explanations of life-changing benefits are both solid ways to ensure a CTA.

Infomercials do this very well, by showing products in dozens of situations. By layering fact after fact, and by accompanying with good visual content, viewers are amazed that they’ve lived for so long without the product!


‘Limited time offer – Prices slashed until midnight’

The whole purpose of using the AIDA formula is to close the sale on an amazing offer. The best marketing copywriters create eye-catching text displays and incentives to act RIGHT NOW, are excellent ways to encourage a sense of urgency in the viewer and increase traffic quickly. But it doesn’t always have to be employed as brashly as it is on a late-night shopping channel. It’s about getting a response – subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a showroom, or just making a call.

Get in touch with us now to find out how to use AIDA when writing your content. Or, better yet, have us do it! We have some of the best marketing copywriters providing marketing copywriting services that will perfectly compliment and add value to your sales and marketing strategy.

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