Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

Lead Generation

Most modern-day businesses multitask between their core capabilities and marketing functions. They focus on perfecting and growing their organisations and generating leads through various CRM tools and outreach programmes. However, nurturing those leads and converting them into customers requires well-thought-out, customer-focused content marketing strategies.

With so much on their plate, organisations can only do so much. That’s why, depending on the size and scale of their business, they either hire a full-time marketing specialist or outsource their content marketing to professionals. 

But fear not – we’re here to help! We’ve made lead generation through content marketing easier for you by detailing some of our tried-and-tested methodologies. 

Differentiation is key

It is a common mistake to confuse prospects with leads or assume that the two terms can be used interchangeably. While prospects include everyone you’re trying to reach, qualified leads are prospects that have been vetted and are further along in their buyer’s journey.

Think of them as qualified leads who have a reasonable amount of awareness of your brand and business. They are more likely to make a purchase. These individuals are already engaged and just need a little push in the right direction to make a decision. This is where experienced marketing copywriters can help with lead generation through content marketing to turn prospects into lasting customers.

Experiment with marketing channels

When it comes to nurturing leads, try not to limit yourself to one platform or channel. For example, while email marketing may be an effective tool in your marketing arsenal, it’s not the only option.

Depending on where your leads are in their buying journey, you may want to experiment with different content marketing strategies to capture their attention. Determine what your target audience is likely to see and respond to. Experiment with blogs, social media content and newsletters to see what works best.

Personalise content for maximum reach

Audiences react more positively to content that they can relate to. The best way to create relatable branded content is to divide your audience into as many segments as you can. This will allow you to customise your content according to the needs of each lead category. 

Consider dividing customer leads according to gender, age, interests, etc. You can also categorise them based on their position in the sales funnel (cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads). The narrower your categories are, the more compelling your content marketing strategies will be.

Manage with professionals 

Lead generation through content marketing that resonates with audiences can be an arduous task, which is why it makes sense to invest in a content marketing agency. However, if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can learn some tricks of the trade by researching online for digital content ideas. But bear in mind that you may have to allocate a good chunk of your time to creating executable content marketing strategies and following up on leads.

Empathise with your audiences

Audiences do not respond to content marketing that feels bland, generalised, or robotic. Take the time to get to know the audience and understand their pain points before creating content. 

Find out what your audience enjoys the most, what they expect from you, and what they are likely to respond to. Determine which social media platforms they are active on and at what time. The more you understand and empathise with your audience, the easier it will be to customise content that meets their expectations.

Review and revise your content marketing strategies 

Once you’ve created lead-specific content, make sure to review it thoroughly. Remove any vague and inconsistent ideas. Pay close attention to the language and tone and determine if they are suitable for your target audience.

Since it’s not possible for you to generate fresh content frequently,  consider repurposing some of your old content. For instance, if you wrote a detailed case study a while back, you can break it down into a series of short blog posts to get your leads’ attention. Similarly, you can reformat a press release or newsletter for email marketing or post a pre-recorded story on your social media pages. The options are limitless!

Lead generation through content marketing requires stellar writing skills. If you’re in search of professional wordsmiths, get in touch with our team of expert marketing copywriters today!

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