Good vs. Great – Making Your Blog Content Stand Out

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Want to direct more traffic to your website? Create original and exciting content that is instantly shareable. Wish to be seen as an industry leader? Coveting the first page on Google’s search results? 

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you’re in the right place! Publishing well-written blogs on your website can help you achieve all this and more. Putting informative, creative, and original content as blogs can be a great resource for your customer base. It keeps audiences returning to your website and instills trust in your business. And increased traffic coming to your site will also likely translate into more sales. 

However, getting it right is more art than science. You need to achieve a balance to create content that’s both informative and a great marketing resource. Luckily for you, there are content creation experts who provide professional blog writing services that can establish your business as an industry leader. However, they come with a price tag. So, before you think of hiring professional marketing copywriters, why not have a go yourself with some of the basic rule-of-thumb steps outlined below. 


Time is money. Format your blog posts in a way that gives the reader maximum information in the least amount of time. Avoid writing very chunky, lengthy paragraphs that seem daunting and time-consuming. 

Marketing copywriters keep the content short and light and quickly get to the point. The average reader has a concentration span of less than eight seconds. You need to get your message across to them in that timeframe.

Consider breaking the monotony by adding helpful images and graphics. And break up the text into different sections with subheadings that clarify the content to the reader. 


Hook them right at the start. 

Take, for example, an opening line for a good blog post: Do you like fishing? My team recently traveled to Umm Al Quwain for crabbing, and we caught the biggest crabs ever! In this article, I’ll be sharing details about my latest expedition.

Conversely, a great blog post paints a richer and more vivid picture. It draws the reader in like it’s telling a story: Do you like going on crabbing trips? Last winter, a team of seven campers and enthusiasts braved blustery seas and a trek out of the city in search of an adventure. 

Did you notice how a good blog post simply jumps into the details while a great blog post builds interest? Great blog writing adds a bit of thrill and excitement to the posts to get the reader hooked.


Beware of sales talk. While it may be tempting to use the blog as a marketing tool, the trick is to be as subtle as possible. The blog post should not read like an advertisement. Good marketing copywriters know how to insert content, so it’s not jarring. It ties in seamlessly with the topic and reads effortlessly.   

When writing a blog post, ensure your marketing material does not constitute more than 10% of the content volume. Try to be subtle with your content and simply add a link or two to your relevant landing page instead of going overboard with promotional efforts.


The purpose of creating website content is to gain your customers’ trust and set yourself up as an industry leader and expert. The content you put up on the blog should reflect this. Do the research and put in the time to develop original content, and back up your writing with hard data wherever possible. This is where marketing copywriters really shine, crafting content that is compelling as well as relatable. And they know how to seamlessly blend in branded content that hits the right tone of voice while remaining relevant. 


The purpose of your digital content strategy is to maximise engagement. And blogs should be no different. The more exciting and original your content, the more likely it is to be shared. Make sure that readers have the option to share it on multiple platforms. Another way to maximise reader engagement is to allow comments on the blog. Effective blog writing solicits and encourages discussion. 


Gaining customer trust is crucial to all business success. Audiences should be able to trust the content they see on your website, including everything written in your blogs. When borrowing material from another source, credit that source because Google’s search engine algorithms are also getting better at identifying plagiarised material. To get to the top of search results, ensure your content is paraphrased from its source material and contains the correct citations.

Well-written blogs are a great way to invite traffic to your website. Because we know that good writing takes time and effort, reach out to our experienced marketing copywriters for help in creating informative and SEO-friendly content!

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