Create a successful content marketing campaign with content writers in UAE

But what is Content Marketing and how is it going to help you?

No matter what business you’re in, it’s probably safe to assume that attracting new customers and retaining existing ones are both pretty high on your list of priorities.

If each month you saw a healthy new supply of qualified leads and returning customers, life would be pretty sweet at your company. The question business owners, management and marketing teams face, is how can this goal be achieved consistently?

For an answer, more and more companies are turning to professional content writing services for their content marketing and to meet their marketing and sales goals.

What is content marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is the creation and distribution of information that is useful for the target market. Each month, a company creates a variety of free media content that provides real value to the reader. Successful types of media include:

  • Blog Content Marketing
  • eNewsletters
  • Downloadable guides
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Video content

Being consistent and regularly distributing brand content to your readership is the vital lynchpin for gaining their attention. The primary focus is helping the reader, whether it’s giving them advice or creating something they’ll enjoy consuming.

So, how does content marketing work?

Traditional advertising is all about grabbing the attention of a reader/viewer as quickly as possible and telling them about your product. It interrupts whatever the reader/viewer is doing and tries to maintain their attention for as long as possible.

Content marketing flips this method on its head in order to attract people to your brand. By providing relevant content, people come to you to learn more. Plus, content marketing isn’t not a hard sell because it’s all about continually providing your target audience with content they learn from, building confidence in your brand, and highlighting how your goods and services make their lives better.

How can you start your content marketing journey?

1. Create a relationship with your potential and current customers

By creating content that shares instead of sells, people will spend time consuming your brand’s content, gaining knowledge about your company, and being entertained. This naturally builds trust between you and the customer. Over time, they’ll develop a relationship with your brand through your content. When the time comes for them to make a purchase, the strong relationship you have built will mean they will choose your company over competitors.

2. Keep the focus on educating your customer

Someone may have stumbled across your brand’s content with zero intention to buy your service. But because they liked what they saw, they’ve stuck around and continued to explore what you created. Thanks to your educational content, the person who initially had little interest begins to understand the true value of what your company offers. With every piece of content that they read, they are gaining a better understanding of how you can help them, moving them closer to the point where they are ready to buy.

3. Build a sense of reciprocity between your brand and your target market

Great brand content provides value. Let’s say you’re a financial planner, and the focus of your content marketing strategy is providing useful tips to help people save money. After reading your downloadable guide to saving money, a reader has reached the stage where they are able to save $1000 per month extra. They’ll come to a point where they want to repay your for providing such helpful (and free!) advice.

4. Boost your SEO and website traffic

People are savvy. Before they make any significant purchase, they’ll use the internet to research their options. This is the initial stage of the buyer journey where a business’s content helps the consumer make a decision, say through a blog content marketing strategy. The more quality content you produce, the more likely consumers are to find you as a reliable authority during this critical point of their decision-making process. And, as you begin to create more and more content for your website, you’ll have more pages for Google to rank, increasing the amount of search engine traffic coming to your website.

5. Attract qualified leads

(Free tip alert!) Every single piece of content a business produces must be written with a purpose and with the end user in mind. Target your ideal customer and center your content around the problems you can solve for them.

Thanks to online media, it’s now possible for any business to reach a huge audience. With a targeted content marketing campaign, you are connecting with a huge amount of potential leads, with your content also helping qualify each one as you work to move from inquiry to final sale.

What some professional help with creating your content marketing strategy? Copywriters in UAE can help you develop a complete brand marketing strategy and create your brand content with both reflecting your marketing strategy.

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