Content writers in the UAE are your brand content partners

Looking for content creation services isn’t difficult. A quick Google search of the keywords ‘content writers in UAE’ and ‘copywriters in UAE’ will bring up a load of options. However, after you’ve chosen an option, but before you’ve given your brief, consider the following best practices.

Content creation services should be ‘on brand’

Whilst in our industry we wish we were mind readers, 99.9% of the time, content writers in UAE and copywriters in UAE work based on briefs and research. Their writing should help you communicate a specific message about your product or service to your target market. So, be clear about your objectives and your target market from the outset. If you don’t have brand guidelines or buyer personas consider developing those to serve as a foundation for anything that follows. Your copywriter will quickly understand how to approach your project, and any future projects, too.

Bring decision makers in from the beginning

Waiting to bring in the decision maker until a draft has been completed is an accident waiting to happen, and you may even end up wasting the time and money you’ve allocated for content creation services.

Sure, sometimes, the head honcho has given a full break down to a PA or manager that goes into detail regarding the specific insights and direction of the project. However, more often than not, the decision maker is going to have some very definitive ideas about the company’s brand content, so it’s better for everyone (company head included) to meet at the beginning for the project.

Provide as much information as possible

If you’re planning on using the content for multiple purposes, then please tell your copywriter. Thinking that you’ll save money and time by using the website content for your brochure or vice versa can end up seriously affecting your brand’s positioning.

Web content services and web copywriting services are provided specifically with web page content in mind, which means condensed writing, lots of subheadings and SEO-optimised content. Brochures, on the other hand, are an opportunity to speak about your brand a bit more ‘romantically’, with more descriptive elements in the content.

So, to work effectively with copywriters in UAE, factor in our considerations for the best possible experience, whether it’s for creating a brand marketing strategy or the brand content itself.

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