5 Steps to Create an Irresistible CTA

Marketing copywriters will tell you that a weak CTA (Call To Action) will undoubtedly fail to deliver results. To make sure your CTA doesn’t fall flat, it’s vital that the action you require of your reader is clear, unmissable and too good to pass up.

Use the following 5 steps to present a CTA that is simply irresistible and sure to perform!

  1. Have a CTA on every page

What do you want? Subscriptions? Likes? Trials? If you don’t know what you want then you can’t expect your readers to, either. For the best CTAs and marketing copywriting services in general, work backwards from your intended result to create content that directs your reader to your CTA. Take every opportunity to get your intended result with multiple CTAs on any marketing content that you’re putting out, whether it’s your home page or your Facebook posts.

  1. Start with a verb

As it’s a CTA, start your call with action verbs such as:

  • Start
  • Subscribe
  • Watch
  • Share
  • Download

Marketing copywriters tend to avoid any verbs that may convey a sense of commitment such as ‘buy’ or ‘shop’ – unless it’s specific to e-commerce. Verbs such as ‘try’ or ‘watch’ are much softer, yet still clearly convey exactly what you require of your reader.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

‘Don’t miss out’, ‘sale ends midnight’, ‘limited time offer’- all these are phrases we hear often and let us know that prompt action is required. This emotive method was in use in marketing copywriting services long before the dawn of the digital revolution and the fact that it’s still employed today is testament to its effectiveness.

  1. Make it visible

Highlighting your CTA by using contrasting colours, bold text, or imagery, will assist in making your requirement as eye-catching as possible. Increased visibility will also increase your chances of getting the views, subscriptions, or downloads, you require. Marketing copywriters will tell you that sometimes posting links in full, in emails or posts, increases visibility substantially, compared to a simple ‘click here’ which can be easily overlooked.

  1. Minimise the risk

‘Sign up for your free trial in just 60secs’

‘No credit card required’

Any CTA requiring risk will obviously create some hesitation in the mind of the reader. In order to minimise hesitation, marketing copywriters will insist it’s important to foster an element of trust and make it easy to ‘say yes’. ‘30-day money back guarantees’ and ‘no questions asked’ clauses give the consumer the peace of mind that they ultimately risk losing nothing, whether that be time, money or effort.

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