5 Arabic Phrases Everyone Should Know

For newcomers to the UAE, our Arabic consultants that specialise in transcreation services and translation services in Dubai recommend learning some commonly used Arabic phrases. Similarly, those that have sought us out for professional cv writing in Dubai, used our cv writing services in Dubai, and resume writing services in UAE, have found that interviews and general job searching can go better when effort has been made to learn some basic phrases when speaking with locals.

So, here we go! These are 5 Arabic phrases that you should learn right away!

  1. Salaam alaikum/Wa alaikum salaam

The formal greeting phrase in Arabic is ‘Assalamu Alaikum’, or ‘Peace be upon you’. You say ‘Wa alaikum assalam’ in response, which translates to ‘Peace be upon you, too’. A more casual greeting is ‘Marhaba’, meaning ‘Hello’ or ‘Welcome’. ‘Halla’ or ‘Salam’ are other friendly greetings.

  1. Kifak

To carry the conversation forward, offer a ‘Kifak’ (pronounced kee-fak) to ask the other person how they’re doing. The full form of the phrase is ‘kayfa halak‘ (for men) or ‘kafa halik‘ (for women). If the question is posed to you, you can say ‘Ana bekhair, shukran’ in response, which means ‘I’m fine, thank you.’

  1. Shukran/Afwan

An easy way to show off your growing vocabulary is to offer thanks in Arabic. The word for thank you is a simple ‘Shukran’, while ‘You’re welcome’ is ‘Afwan’.

‘Afwan’ can also be used to mean ‘Excuse me’, depending on the situation.

  1. Ma’aa ssalama

You can say ‘Ma’aa ssalama’ to bid farewell to business company, and also shorten it to just ‘Salam’ for a more informal goodbye to friends.

And we leave the easiest (and potentially most important) for last…

  1. Na’am/La

‘Yes’ and ‘no’ in Arabic.

Being able to communicate easily with the locals, even if it is by using bits of recently learned phrases, helps you get oriented in a new place. If you need more in depth help from us, such as creating branded content creation in Arabic, an Arabic brand copywriter, or Arabic brochure content writers, then get in touch with us. Our marketing copywriters in both English and Arabic are here to offer you the best marketing copywriting services.

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