10 Tips on Creating Viral Social Media Content

Let’s be honest – the internet has replaced newspapers, televisions, magazines, and more as the main source of information. It’s become a highway of content, where most of us skim through articles, pictures, videos, and more, without paying much attention. Occasionally, we stumble across something that’s thought-provoking, valuable, creative, funny, or entertaining, and we share it with others. This is what makes content go viral. 

While the internet is a busy place with a short attention span, the ever-growing power of social media is creating unlimited opportunities for novel, emotional, and entertaining content that can appeal to wide audiences. And when used properly, it can be a real game-changer for individuals and businesses. The right digital content strategy on the correct social platform can move you and your organisation from obscurity to fame. 

But knowing how to make something tick and gain traction requires insight and know-how. 

So, what are you to do? 

Hit the right balance

Creating viral social media content can be a hit or a miss. Ensuring that you’re shareable for the correct reasons is critical and erring on the right side of caution is advisable. Not all businesses and brands can bear the brunt of bad reviews. It takes seasoned writers and expert content creators to make memes, messages, video, and audio content that is tracking for a good reason. And not everyone gets it right. 

That’s why we’ve reached out to our team of expert copywriters to get them to share a few hacks that can help you go viral (in the best way!). 

  1. Join the trend

One simply does not become viral by being clueless. Be it a major sports event, concert, or even a movie, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending over the internet and join the conversation. For example, you can do a quick search on some of the top memes of this week and see which of them you can use in your social media content. 

  1. Don’t write for a bot

Good vocabulary means knowing what “floccinaucinihilipilification” means. Good writing means knowing NEVER to use it! 

A good digital content strategy keeps the target audience in mind (ordinary folks who want to read and share your post, not get ticked off by it). If you insult their intelligence by adding fancy words, your posts won’t get the attention they deserve.

  1. Keep it humorous

Your business, blog posts, and corporate culture may be formal, but your social media content doesn’t have to be. That’s the beauty of it! The most viral social media posts are the ones that resonate with people. And what better way to capture a reader’s attention than by adding a tinge of humour to your posts? Keep your content writing on the lighter side.

  1. Add some video content

What did Google do when it realized the power of video content? They acquired YouTube. This simple transaction, worth $1.65 billion, shows the significance of video marketing. Consider adding a short, professionally created video to your social media content. This is where hiring a video script writing service can be money well spent. Even in the absence of a dedicated team, the video capabilities on your smartphone can help you create viral content that’s both popular and easily shareable. Just look up Zach King on TikTok. His Magic Ride video has more than 2.2 million views and has helped him become a household name amongst Gen Zs and Alphas. 

  1. Get people talking

Someone rightly said – think of your social media platforms as conference rooms, not podiums. If you want to create content that converts, initiate conversations and get people talking. It will travel further than social posts that only broadcast your thoughts. Consider creating a poll and encourage your audience to participate. Get influencers talking about your brand and products. You can also host a live Q&A or an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Reddit to get people talking about your brand.

  1. Invest in infographics

Infographics are a good option for businesses that want to share informative content without creating videos. Since they contain striking images and a colourful theme, infographics are convenient for all internet users and are amazing at capturing a reader’s attention. The best part about infographics is that you don’t need a degree in graphic design to create one. You can simply use one of the many free online tools or consider hiring a content creation agency.  

  1. Talk about the past

Another successful strategy in content marketing is to take a trip down memory lane. If your target audience consists of millennials, create a social media post reminiscing the days of dial-up internet and Pentium2 processors. If it’s the Gen Zs you’re targeting, consider an “OG” post that salutes something they can relate to. A great example of a viral song and meme that’s got audiences rivetted is Kate Bush’s 1985 power ballad, Running Up the Hill. Both the song and the series (Stranger Things) pay homage to the 80s in one of the best ways to ensure mass popularity.  

  1. Create a trend

If you remember the ice bucket challenge, this tip is for you! Creating a contest, trend, or challenge is a good way to engage your reader and encourage them to share your social media posts with their friends and family. All it takes is one unique idea to start a trend that stands the test of time. If you need inspiration, just look at the #DalgonaCoffeeChallenge from a few years back that had everyone posting pictures of their quarantine drinks all over the internet.

  1. Provide incentives

Everyone loves free stuff. Surfing through Facebook or Instagram, you may have come across posts that offer a giveaway based on liking a page or sharing a post. This marketing tactic almost always works, so why not leverage it for your business? Offering incentives is one of the most effective digital content strategies.

  1. Add an emotional appeal

The biggest and most successful content marketing strategies spark a strong emotional connection with users. If you want your social media posts to be as memorable as iPhone’s #ShotOniPhone campaign, ensure that your content has the right tone or supports a social cause that warrants an emotional appeal. It helps your brand if the causes and events you support relate to your business. 

Creating shareable social media content is an art, and we have a team of dedicated artists for the job! If you need a comprehensive social media management plan, get in touch with our team of marketing copywriters today!

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